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The Patton Difference

We are leaders in the industry. John Patton is a past president of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and active not only in that association, but also, in the Ohio Pest Management Association (OPMA), of which he is a past president as well. Our Route Manager has been director for the Greater Cleveland Pest Control Association and our CEO Molly C. Patton Marsh is also President of the GCPCA.

John headed up the NPMA Project Development Council (the technical arm of the NPMA) in 1996 helping to decide important issues for the entire industry. We are affiliated with the top Pest Control Organizations. We are members of the NPMA, the Ohio Pest Management Association, the Greater Cleveland Pest Control Association, Associated Pest Control Services (a nationwide organization of affiliated pest control companies) and belong to local clubs and organizations and Chambers of Commerce.

Patton Pest Control stays up to date in the latest advances in technology in the Pest Industry.

Patton Pest Control was chosen by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to help study cockroach allergies of young children in the inner city of Cleveland. We were the first to know and utilize new information on carpenter ants. We continue to know of new developments first because of our contacts throughout the country.

Our service technicians have a high degree of training. They have been to Purdue University more times than any other company in NE Ohio. (John Patton received his 30-year award for attendance in January 2005.) Our technicians are licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and are held to the highest internal training standards.

We are an ideal size. We are large enough to be nationally involved, yet small enough to give you the service you deserve.

Patton houses the largest and best collection of reference insects in NE Ohio. Mr. Patton have given numerous presentations at local schools discussing insects, interesting facts about our work and careers in pest control to further awareness of our industry.

Patton Pest Control supports Industry Awareness and research with regular contributions.

Patton Pest Control offers summer positions to area college students and has helped many college students pay their way to a higher education through part time and full time employment. Over the years, we have seen these young people work their way to their goals in life and have watched them go on to become corporate officers, airline pilots, engineers, accountants and more.

We believe every person should be the best they can be and are glad to help someone on their way toward their American Dream. Each one of the Patton children worked during college with summer jobs at Patton. Our second and third daughters, Molly and Mary, are both working with us and they hope to take over from their Dad.

Patton Pest Control is family owned and operated. We care!

And... We are actually located outside of Chagrin Falls in Russell Township; we are not just a forwarded number. We live where we work.


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