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Autumn Invaders: Fall Pest Control Issues

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The sunny summer warmth brings out the bugs, making your yard the place to be for bees, wasps, ants, and just about everything else. But what happens when the seasonal heat turns into an early autumn chill? Pest control isn't just a summer service. This type of protection is often necessary year-round - including in the fall.
If you're a homeowner with pest problems, understanding why you should continue this vital service into the autumn is the first step to keeping your home creature and critter-free. Before you consider skipping pest control after the warm weather fades away, take a look at why you need to hire a professional in the fall too.
Fall Warmth
After the summer season ends, you expect the mercury to dip and the weather to get chilly. But this isn't always the case. With a growing trend towards warmer temperatures globally, the beginning (or even end) of October may seem more like a summer swelter than sweater weather.
Even when temperatures stay moderately warm, pests can stick around inside and outside of your home for longer than you might expect. That means moderately warm days (even if they're punctuated with a few chilly nights) may still make your home and yard a comfortable climate for invading pests.
Cool Nights
Cool, not cold, nights mean that you can turn the air conditioning off and open the windows to get a nice breeze indoors. It may also mean that you spend time in your yard, sitting outdoors and exposing yourself to mosquitoes, ticks, or other insect annoyances.
Whether the open windows are letting insects in or you're exposing yourself to outdoor dangers, pest control in the fall's not-so-freezing temperatures can make a major difference when it comes to home comfort.
Autumn Rains
Before the winter freeze comes the chilly autumn rain. The damp, cool environment that often results from wet fall weather can set the stage for some types of home invaders.
Constant rain, combined with winds and dropping temperatures, can cause wood on your windowsills or door frames to rot or degrade. This opens your home up to pests such as carpenter ants. Not only can wet, rotting wood make for an easy entry point, but the cool, moist environment is an ideal home for these pests.
Along with carpenter ants, fall rains can also support the growth of other pest colonies. When the rains aren't cool (if the temperatures stay high), fall rains provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. While you might be on top of removing standing water that gathers outdoors during the summer heat, it's easy to forget about puddles and other pooling water sources in the autumn.
Hire a professional to inspect your home's exterior and provide the proper protection to reduce the risks and remove the problem.
Cold Critters
Even though the global temperature may be rising, that doesn't mean the fall chill won't eventually set in. As the temperatures begin to drop, rodents start looking for a warm and comfortable spot to live. Beyond that, the sudden decrease in available outdoor food sources means that they have to get creative just to survive the new season.
The chilly outdoor air and the lack of food often send rodents indoors - and into your home. While you might think that your home is completely sealed, a break that's 1/4 of an inch or larger can let these pests inside.
The warmth of your walls may make for perfect nesting sites, leaving your home open to an invasion. A pest service specialist can help you to find rodent entry points and mouse or rat-proof your home. If the invasion is already under way, a pest control technician can remove the problem in a safe and effective way.
Do you need to prep your home against pests for the fall weather? Contact Patton Pest Control for more information.


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