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Keep Pests Away this Winter with these Tips

Nobody wants pests invading their home during the winter months. To keep your home safe from pesky invaders, follow these tips.

Clean Around Your Home

Pests like a place to hide and will often be drawn in by leaves and other debris around your home. Before cold weather sets in, take time to rake any leaves that may have built up around your home and ensure any other debris is cleared away as well.

Make Your Home Uninviting

Bugs, rodents and other pests are drawn to food sources, so eliminate their supply to reduce the likelihood of an infestation. That includes closing your garden if you have one, trimming back trees and shrubs and winterizing your trees by trimming and wrapping them.

Seal Your Home

Many infestations happen due to poor sealing around the home. Walk around both the interior and exterior and seal off any noticeable holes around your home. Screen off any places that shouldn’t be sealed, like vents and windows.

Be Watchful

The most important thing you can do is keep an eye out around your home for signs of possible infestation. Be mindful about not leaving food lying about, which could attract critters. If you do see signs of an infestation, take care of it right away by calling a professional to eradicate the problem.
With these tips, your home should be safe from unwanted visitors this winter. To learn more about how you can prepare your home, contact Patton Pest Control at 800-553-9088.


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