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Residential Going Green, Our Hybrid Program

going green

Our culture is changing. We are now looking for natural and organic foods, hybrid cars/SUV’s, more public transportation and car pooling so why not look for a Green Pest Management Program? Patton Pest Control has a Green Program that will integrate chemical and mechanical pest management methods in order to protect our environment and uses the least amount of pesticides on your home. Patton will apply the ideas of Integrated Pest Management and the understanding of insect biology to make your home a more “friendly” environment. Patton is nationally recognized as a leader in Integrated Pest Management and Green Programs.

Your Patton Pest Control Service Technician will work with you to create a pest free environment. This program will require active participation of the homeowners. We will keep you informed about the importance of sanitation and how to prevent conditions that are desirable to most pests, by inspecting and looking for structural changes that may need to be made in order to eliminate conducive conditions for pests in and around your home. These changes may include physical exclusion of the pests, habitat modification, elimination of harborage sites and monitoring. When materials are needed to help eliminate the pest problem, Eco Products and natural insecticides will be used. When traditional chemical control is unavoidable Patton Pest Control will use materials that are registered by the EPA. We will use the least amount of the material necessary to control the infestation. We will customize our program to address your specific concerns and pest problems. Please call the office to inquire further about our services.


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