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Monthly Maintenance Program

monthly service program

The Monthly Maintenance Program consists of scheduled visits to your home on a monthly basis and protects you, your family and your home from many pests that are in the Northeast Ohio area. The service is performed once a month. Revisits in between services are free of charge and are usually completed within 24 hours. The service consists of your technician inspecting for pests and locating areas that are conducive to environmental conditions for future pests to invade your home. When necessary, Patton will apply materials to help prevent and treat pest infestations. Your service technician will make structural recommendations to help make your home a pest free environment. Patton Pest Control only uses materials that are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and all of our technicians are licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA).

Insects included in the Monthly Maintenance Program

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Yellow jackets
  • Wasps
  • Centipedes
  • Millipedes
  • Crickets
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Fleas
  • Silverfish


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